Luxury Lake Tours main meeting location for your departures

The Cook Road Boat launch beside the Hotel Eldorado is our main meeting location. Depending on how busy it is we could dock in a few places but the main location is on the dock on the south side of the launch. If it’s busy we may call you and ask you to meet us at a few other optional locations that are very close and those will be posted below the maps.

The West Kelowna Yacht Club and Boat Launch – FREE PICK-UP/DROP-OFF

Our meeting point here is generally on the dock on the south side of the boat launch. If it’s busy we may also be on the north side of the launch, just look for Serendipity, the nicest boat on the water!

Parking here is generally ok but is mainly street parking. If you are early this is a great place to hang out by the water.

.Address – 4111 Gellatly Rd, West Kelowna, BC V4T 2K2

Plus code – R98H+54 West Kelowna, British Columbia

Barona Beach Private Docks – FREE PICKUP/DROP-OFF

Beautiful Barona Beach Kelowna Vacation Holiday Rentals is possibly the most fun and well-located beachfront property in the Okanagan Valley. And because of this, we do a lot of pickups from guests staying here. You can find kids cooling off playing around on water toys but, this is is private dock so no pick-ups for people that are not staying there.  They do Offer rental units so feel free to contact them with the info below and once your booked make sure to call us for your booking and pickup/drop off.

Barona Beach Rentals – Call to book: 1.888.763.6373

Pickup and drop off dock locations

Additional maps and locations

Delta Hotels Private Dock

(Guests Only)

Delta Dock

Okanagan Lake Resort 

(Guests Only)

Screen Shot 2020-08-07 at 3.00.56 PM

Cook Road Boat Launch

(alternate dock)


Luxury Lake Tours

(Primary Dock)

Waterstreet Boat Launch


waterstreet boat launch

West Kelowna Yacht Club

(secondary location)

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