Cancelation Insurance

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Luxury Lake Tours Cancelation Policy

Two years ago the world was hit with Covid 19 and tourism took a serious hit. What we did was take the steps to protect our guests and offer a program in case they needed to cancel on short notice. That’s when the idea of creating an insurance-type policy so you could cancel your tour without being charged for late cancellation.

Ever since its introduction, it’s been a huge hit with customers and because of this, we have implemented the policy full-time and for the years to come.

Now your hard-earned money is protected.

Now you can cancel your tour just two hours prior to your tour’s departure time and still receive a full refund (less the fee paid for the policy). Our normal policy that is standard in the industry is outside of 48 hours of the tour’s departure time. No cancellations inside of that time or you could forfeit your fees paid.

How does our cancellation policy work when not purchased?

As mentioned above there are no cancellations within the 48 hours of departure unless it is cancelled by us

This can happen when foul weather hits or an incident occurs that is not within our control, in this case, a few

options are given.

  • We offer you another day, if you can not do another day then we offer a full refund to a coupon that is good for two years.
  • Failing that we may offer a refund less handling/credit card fees, this will be 15% of what you paid.
  • In rare circumstances that prevent the cancellation charges, then we may offer a full refund.

You can count on us that when you make a reservation that it is guaranteed and that when you ask ” do you have any tour times available” we can comfortably answer sorry we do not.

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