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Public Docks and Pick-Up Locations

The following information will help determine your pick-up and drop-off location if required. If you are driving to our location, we are located at the Manteo Marina,  3762 Lakeshore Road and is right beside the Hotel Eldorado, the meeting point is at the boat launch main docks pictured below.

If you are requesting pickup and drop off, we offer the Kelowna area and the West Kelowna Area (see map) for no charge and marked in GREEN. If you are outside of that area there will be a charge of time, in other words, if your experience starts at 2 pm, that is the time we leave our dock at. If it takes 20 minutes to get there, then we drop you off at the dock 20 minutes prior to the tour’s finish time.


Using the map

Determine what area in the list below that you are located in, search that area’s dock for the location number that is closest to where you are staying. That dock will have a number assigned to it, look at the map, find that number and that dock is where your pick up/drop off at. All locations in GREEN will be a pick up/drop off at no charge, all others use a fee. Feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.

City of Kelowna

   LUXURY LAKE TOURS – Boat location and meeting point, 3762 Lakeshore Road, Manteo Bay Marina at the boat launch beside the Hotel Eldorado.

.  Public Parking  – Excellent city pay parking lot Hotel Eldorado is right there as well for great food and drink.

City Park (near Sails – Downtown – Abbott at Bernard)

Cedar Creek Park – 5200 Lakeshore Road

Eldorado Hotel dock – pick up and drop off zones only

Water Street Boat Launch – 1354 Water Street (Downtown by the Delta Grand)

North Kelowna

   Lake Country -Okanagan Centre Safe Harbour Regional Park (on Okanagan Centre Rd.)

.  Vernon – Paddlewheel Park with a double launch/dock

.  Vernon – “Kin Beach” with a very small single launch/dock.


 West Kelowna

Shelter Bay Marina  NO LONGER AVAILABLE 

Westbank Yacht Club (4111 Gellatly Rd.)

Cove Lakeside Resort (4205 Gellatly Rd – great for lunch!)

.  Fintry Provincial Park (on Westside Rd.)

.  Wilsons Landing (on Westside Rd.- considered an unofficial launch)

.  Lake Okanagan Resort (on Westside Rd.)

Casa Loma Resort (on Casa Loma Rd.-private – for resort guests only).


Peachland Doggie Beach Princeton Ave.

Todd RV (on Todd Rd.)

.  Gasthaus on the Lake Bay (on Beach Ave.) Dock across from the restaurant


.  Peach Orchard Beach (on Peach Orchard Rd)

. Summerland Waterfront resort & Spa” on Lakeshore Dr South


.  Naramata Yacht Club


.  Hooded Merganser Restaurant

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