WOW  Adventure Boat Tubing


Picture a rocking chair mated with a doublewide La-Z-Boy recliner, then inflated with air and you have a pretty good image of Sportsstuff’s Rock N’ Tow 2, a wild inflatable that allows passengers to lie back and recline rather than lie prone on their stomachs, providing a change of pace. Essentially one big 7-foot-by-5-foot-4-inch L-shaped air mattress, the Rock N’ Tow’s surface angles upward about two-thirds of the way back to provide lounge-style back support. Inflatable dividers serve not so much as armrests but to secure and separate riders. Each features double-web foam handles for passengers to hang on, with knuckle guards below to prevent abrasion to both skin and the tube’s cover. EVA foam pads likewise cushion and prevent abrasion below each seat.


Floating Capacity – 5

Minimum Rider Capacity – 1

Maximum Rider Capacity – 3

Average Rider Capacity – 3


The ROCK N ROLL - WOW Adventure Tubing Packages

Note – all riders and passengers are required to fill out a waiver form and present the form to the captain prior to boarding. You can find our waiver at the end of the checkout process in options.

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