Your Responsibilities

Environmental awareness

As a guest and as a customer of Luxury Lake Tours you do have certain responsibilities. We respect our environment, and we expect you to as well. Keep trash in our boat and out of the lake, this includes cigarette butts, cans, cups or any other sort of trash, we have a garbage can locate behind the captain’s seat and one below deck in the bathroom. The planet we are living in is our only home. We should protect and preserve it, for it is our only source of life. Practice proper waste management and follow the three R’s – reuse, reduce and recycle. Choose and make use of environment-friendly products. It can save our natural resources and refrain from causing damage to them.


Critical awareness

We expect you to be more alert and questioning about the use, price and quality of products and services. You are given the right to information, therefore; you have the responsibility to ask questions. How much is this product? How can we use it safely? Is it safe to use? What are its hazards to my health? These are very basic questions, and the answers to them are very important in guiding and assuring our guests to get the best value for their money.

Be honest with the information you provide.

Always give full and accurate information when you are filling in any of our documents. Do not give false details or leave out important information, It can be critical in certain situations.

Any concerns, questions or comments, please let us know. You can email us at

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