With new laws placed for boating and drinking while out on Lake Okanagan, the big question is, is it legal?


With the current laws that the Government has in place, and has been in place for some time now, the the big question is…“can you drink and boat?”  The answer is quite simple…NO you can not. The laws are fairly close to that of driving a car and we all now that law, so why have we seen so many people drinking on the lake while operating a boat? The laws have been fairly relaxed for some time now, until this past summer (2018) they now have stomped there foot down and looking to get complete compliance due to recent accidents that have involving alcohol. The RCMP will now treat you as if you are drinking and driving and give you a breathalyzer, so its simple, DON’T DRINK AND OPERATE A BOAT! If you do, and you get caught, that could mean jail time and a hefty fine and who knows what else. The laws also state that you can not have alcohol on board and be consuming it, just like a vehicle, and just like those laws you will also be treated in the same manner.


So what about LUXURY LAKE TOURS, can you drink on the boat?


The laws state that to be able to drink on a boat, you must have three requirements;

  1. A bathroom with holding tank
  2. A bed to sleep
  3. A place to store and make food (onboard fridge, running water etc.)

Serendipity has all of these features made right from the factory making it 100% legal to drink on just as long as you are the legal drinking age of B.C. laws. Now obviously the Captain, Guides, or Staff of LLT can not consume alcohol while on duty, and this is why the RCMP love us, we take care of our guests ensuring they have a safe and enjoyable holiday and they know that, they even stop by to do a quick drive-by and give us a wave and say “have a great time guys!”

So, if you are thinking of renting a boat and plan to do some drinking, think it over. For basically the same price of a rental you can have a way better boat with way more features, enjoy some drinks all while being catered to by a friendly and knowledgeable licensed Captain and not having to worry about an accident. Another popular reason why so many visitors book with us is many people are not familiar with this massive lake and its many hidden obstacles. Another option is to utilize one of the other touring outfits. Most of them are outstanding companies with fantastic credentials, but if someone tries to sell you that “absolutely you can drink on this boat” and it doesn’t have the aforementioned requirements, then he’s lying and putting you and your family at risk and is breaking the laws.

Have a look at the video below, created summer of 2018 and talks the laws of drinking and boating.


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