Covid 19


Spring/summer 2021

The regulations that Dr.Henry has set for us and other tour operators on Lake Okanagan have been working extremely well for us with virtually no issues. For our spring summer season we continue to operate under the same guidelines and if changed will be updated on this page. These regulations are as follows;

Prior to guests boarding

  • washing down and disinfecting all surfaces of the interior of the boat including the bathroom below before and after any new customers board.
  • We will as the five COVID19 questions to everyone prior to boarding. Anyone that answers any of these questions with a YES may be refused entry.
  • We will request all guests to sanitize their hands with supplied sanitizer as they board.
  • All customers are required to have masks while boarding and may not remove them unless authorized by the captain.
  • The captain shall wear a mask at all times while under power.




June 4/2020

Phase 2 update – We have an increased capacity to 8 passengers from 6 with social distancing kept in mind. Seating for 6 in the bow and an additional 2 persons in the two stern loungers giving us the 8 allowed.




May 17/2020

Phase 2 of the pandemic – Kelowna BC has officially been put in place and because of this, it will allow us to begin operations beginning May 19th, 2020. Certain precautions have been put in place and are as follow;

  • Maximum passengers – All passengers must be from the same bubble and answer the captain’s questions concerning health. Maximum passengers are set to 8 no matter what tour you choose. (Half Day, Full Day and many of our combination tours)
  • Social Distancing – To maintain a safe distance by welcoming our guests from outside of the boat while our guest’s board. With the max being set at 6 passengers we recommend everyone in the bow around the table. The bow seats 6, if you wish to be separated the back two lounge seats will be available.  The midship seats beside the captain can be opened if the Plexi-shield is lowered separating those seated in the midship seats.
  • Plexi-Sheild – Possible installation of a plexiglass screen to provide a screen from passengers. If installed,  the screen will be pulled down if required depending on the situation, at this time it is not required. The windscreen already on the boat will provide the safety for passengers seated in the bow.
  • Cleaning Between Tours – If you toured with us in the past you already know just how clean we are. Now we added an approved cleaner that will destroy the SARS-CONORA19 Virus. Disinfecting the vessel interior with the approved products will happen between each and every tour.
  • Additionals – We will also be providing hand sanitizer at no additional costs.

April 28/2020

Glad to see that you are reading this as it means there is still interest in tourism during these crazy times.

Luxury Lake Tours will most certainly be affected by the COVID 19 pandemic and won’t really know how bad it will be for us until it is over. For now, we put off opening until mid-June with a discussion of not opening at all IF the virus continues to escalate by the end of April.

We still are taking bookings and are offering travel insurance for $10.00. This option will allow you to cancel a tour within 2 hours of your booking schedule. We are also offering 10% discounts on all tours to encourage sales but also have a reserve fund set aside in case of requested cancellations. The discounts will be applied at the check out prior to taking payments or if you like you may enter the discount code “covid19”  during the purchasing process

We are also requesting that customers that want to cancel a booking consider a Gift Card. These Gift Cards will be good for the next 5 years and useable for its full value on any product we sell. If operations continue, we will be offering Sani-wipes and masks to all guests and ensuring our already spic and span boat be even cleaner by using appropriate disinfectants during cleaning in-between tours.

This is a difficult time for small businesses around the world, so if you think you might be able to visit us in the future and/or you would like to support Luxury Lake Tours, we can convert your booking into a gift card to be used at your convenience for a future date. This would really help us get through these tough times, and we would love to have you as our guest in the next few months.

Again, refund policies are in place to ensure you will be taken care of no matter what the issue is, cancellations received prior to the final payment date will be allowed of the full-refundable deposit that will be put back onto the card used at the time of purchase. You will also receive emails to the cancellation and refund.

Stay healthy and stay safe in these trying times and we hope to see you soon.

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