1. How long does a “full day tour” consist of?  A full day boat tour on Okanagan Lake starts a 11 am and finishes at the dock at 5:30 pm. If we are having an outstanding time, with no afternoon bookings, we are happy to extend it till 6 pm at no charge.

2. What water activities do you offer?  We offer Wakeboarding, water skiing, tubing, knee boarding, snorkeling, fishing and even SCUBA diving

3. How many people can I bring?  On the 1 hour and two-hour private tours, the prices include up to 4 passengers. For each additional passenger there is a $25.00 (1 hour) and 50.00 (2 hours) per person charge up to a total of 10

4. Do the tours include food and drink? Great question! Yes, and no. Luxury Lake Tours provides bottled water and snacks. We do encourage you to bring sandwiches and beverages. We can also provide dock stops at restaurants and dinners. For additional fees we can even provide hot meals right on the boat.

5. We are finding most boats on the lake do not have a bathroom. Does your boat have one? YES! Serendipity has a full head below with sink and shower, and even a bed or baby station for diapers.

6. Where are you located? We are located at the Manteo Bay Marina north of the Hotel Eldorado. There is also excellent city parking at 500 Cook Road, or some will know as the Eldorado boat launch.

7. We are renting a house with a dock right on the water. Can you pick us up and drop us off here? Luxury Lake Tours would be more than happy to pick up and drop off at any public dock in the Kelowna area. You also can check the “Docks Map” in the Information menu.

8. We know a lot of boats on the water are not registered as commercial. Are you commercially registered and insured? Yes and yes, we are also SVCP approved with all captains licensed for commercial use.

9. We see you that you have captains driving your boats. Will you just rent us the boat by itself? We want you to let loose and not worry about hazards, complications, or issues, its all about making this experience a positive and memorable one. For this reason, Luxury Lake Tours only charter our boat with a licensed captain.

10. We just want a few hours in the morning for some wakeboarding. Can you supply that?  Yes, we do have charters by the hour and dedicated packages, please check our website for pricing and details.

11. Can we bring alcoholic bevies on the boat? Yes, 100% legal, this is because of the bathroom, bed below and the kitchen on board. We do however monitor you closely to insure your safety. We are one of the only commercial operators in small vessel operation that is legal!

12. We read that you offer SCUBA diving. Do we have to be certified to go? YES, just like other dive faculties around the globe, you must be a certified Diver and prove it with identification. All dives are guided by a Dive Master, see our website for details.

13. Do you offer staff functions? Yes, Luxury Lake Tours cater to everyone, just make sure to book in advance.

14. My mom and dad are fairly old and dad has a walker, can he come?  Yes, Serendipity is handicap accessible, and very safe for all.  The “tri-hull” design also provides an incredibly smooth and bump free ride.

15. What is your cancelation policy?  When you make a reservation with Luxury Lake Tours, it’s a reservation. That means this is a contractual commitment between both yourself and Luxury Lake Tours. If you book a group, boat, theme-tour, scuba dive, fishing excursion, whatever, we will tell other people inquiring for your dates “no.” It’s 100% guaranteed. For that reason, if you cancel within 48 hours of your reserved date there is no refund. More than 48 hours or more prior to excursion date – 100% refund and cancellations within 48 hours (forfeiture of deposit or full payment if fully paid in advance) No shows – no refund

16. What happens if the weather is bad?  In the event of bad weather, we will cancel all tours/activities, and, of course, there will be no charge to you. You will be given the choice of rescheduling or a full refund. Our staff will determine when the weather prohibits a safe, enjoyable trip, and when those unfortunate days come upon us.

17. We hear Kelowna has some of the best wine in the world, can we do any stops to do tastings? Yes, we do offer a “Lake Wake and Wineries” excursions and a few other very popular wine/boat combos. Please see our website for details.

18. What should we bring along on the boat? Towels, sunscreens, lunches and bevies, and of course cameras to catch all the action. If you plan on stops for lunch, a VISA card or cash will come in handy as well.

19. Is gratuity included in the prices? For most of our tours and excursions it is all inclusive unless otherwise specified. That being said, If your captain provides outstanding services, he will surely be appreciative of a tip. The general percentage is 15% to 20% and if he surpassed all your expectations, feel free to tip even more!

20. Do we have to pay for fuel? On all the excursions and charters we cover the fuel other than the full day private charters, you pay for the fuel on it.

21. We have a 6-year-old child, can he come and do you have lifejackets for him? Yes, absolutely! Best part of being a kid is enjoying these kind of activities. We allow everyone from 2 months old to 95 years. We even have a baby station for the moms!

22. I now read that your tours and excursions are All Inclusive, can you be specific as to what is included and to what tours? Certainly, new for the 2020 season we decided to make it as easy as possible to help prevent any awkwardness and safeguard the dignity of our guests – even the taxes and gratuities are included! All tour prices are in Canadian Dollars, and include the tax, tasting fees, tour fees, guide/Captain, fuel and gratuities. Exclusions apply where indicated. The only charter/excursion that is not all Inclusive is the Full Day Private, in this tour you pay for the fuel.

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