So, you want one of our incredible tours but found out that you are outside of our free pick-up area. Well, you can relax, we do have a few options for you depending on where you are. Have a look at them below and if you are wanting to book it’s best to call us so we can thoroughly discuss the details.

  1. Option 1  Tour time reduced – Your time would be reduced by the total time it takes for us to get to your location. For example – if we leave at 1:00 pm and arrive at your dock at 1:45 pm, 45 minutes would be deducted each way for a total of 90 minutes taken off your charter time. If you booked a 3-hour charter from 1:00 to 4:00 pm The booking would now be 1:45 pm start time and drop off would be 3:15 pm
  2. Option 2 Pay $3.85 per kilometre – Example from Peachland – The trip by water from Peachland to Naramata is 24 km each way (48 km) and almost two hours if the weather is AVERAGE. Our two-hour charter is 500.00 but we would charge $184.00 return or $92.40 one way saving an average of 300.00.
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