Hourly Tours

Our hourly charters are the most popular lake activity on Okanagan Lake. 

We offer everything for everyone's expectations, One Hour for the budget-minded or just needs a quick revitalization on the water.
The ever-popular Two Hour, most popular for families with young children and want to experience the lake for the first time.

New for the 2021 season is the Three Hour, added because of demand from groups not wanting two hours, thinking the Half Day may be too much.

It's your day and you call the shots!


The most popular program we have is the Half Day Charter or also known as the Four Hour.  Popular for the main reason is that's what people want, a great sightseeing charter that offers a good amount of time for water activities. It's also the 1st level of "you call the shots", you decide on where to go and how much fuel you want to spend!
Also new for 2021 is the 3/4 Day Charter or the 6 hour. Added to the program for our guests that don't quite have the time for the Full Day charter.

The last of the hourly charters is the Full Day Charter. This charter certainly offers the most...8 hours of lake time, 4 hours of watersports and the ability to go to Penticton for lunch, 45 km from Kelowna by boat!

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Best Seasons:May through September
Popular Location:Squally Point, Peachland, Pauls Tomb, Okanagan Lake Resort

Hourly Tours

1, 2, 3, 4, 6 and 8 hours

    The 3 Hour BBQ Boat Tour

    Hourly Charters

    The BBQ Boat Tour The BBQ Boat Tour – Your personal Private Charter This THREE HOUR BBQ BOAT experience is for people who want to do some swimming, sightseeing, a…

    from $0.00

      Multi-Day Package

      Hourly Charters

      Multi-Day Charters Like to book for more than one day? Like to book multiple days with just a few hours each day? Or maybe you like to split them up…

      from $700.00

        Three Hour Private Charter

        Hourly Charters

        3 Hour Charter Three Hour – Your personal Private Charter The THREE HOUR experience is for people who want to do some swimming, sight-seeing and a tad bit of relaxing…

        from $675.00

          Two Hour Private Charter

          Hourly Charters

          2 Hour Charter Two Hour – Your personal Private Charter The TWO HOUR experience is for people who want to see the most as fast as possible. This tour is the starting…

          from $475.00

            One Hour Private Charter

            Hourly Charters

            One Hour Private Charter from $350.00 for the first 6 passengers and $50.00 per person thereafter, a maximum of 10 passengers. Note; Serendipity is equipped with a kitchenette, bathroom, and…

            from $300.00
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